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While there is no lack of data collected about postsecondary education, the consumer perspective is surprisingly absent.

Strada Education Network®  is empowering consumers by creating the nation’s largest data set of consumer perspectives on pathways from education to employment. Since June 2016, we’ve partnered with Gallup to interview more than 250,000 U.S. adults with experiences at over 3,000 postsecondary institutions about their education experiences, decisions and outcomes. The insights are representative of consumers from all educational attainment levels, socioeconomic backgrounds, races/ethnicities and ages across the general population, alumni, and current college students.

The purpose of Strada Education Consumer Insights is to listen to and empower the voice of the consumer to strengthen education to employment pathways for all Americans. Working with institutions, employers, students and government leaders, we believe the insights gathered from this partnership can shape the future of the postsecondary education experience and lead more Americans to realize their purpose and potential through meaningful careers and fulfilling lives.

Check out our growing portfolio of insights:

Strada-Gallup Education Consumer Survey

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Strada-Gallup College Student Survey

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Strada-Gallup Alumni Survey

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In addition, we have partnered with Gallup and other education leaders on a series of other reports aimed at better understanding specific populations.

Gallup-USA Funds Associate Degree Graduates Report
Gallup-USA Funds Associate Degree Graduates Report

Gallup-USA Funds Minority College Graduates Report
Gallup-USA Funds Minority College Graduates Report

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