Consumer Insights

Organizations in virtually every industry rely on insights from their customers to improve their practices, delivery models and service, and to measure their success.

Strada Education Network℠ believes consumer insights also have the power to shape postsecondary education, by allowing higher education providers to see what they do well, areas where they can improve, and what value their alumni associate with their education. These insights can drive postsecondary education innovation and create a system that benefits both the student and the education provider.

In partnership with Gallup, the most-trusted name in research, we are gathering the largest set of education consumer insights to date. These efforts are advancing through a multi-year, multi-project partnership that includes the following research platforms:

The Education Consumer Pulse

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Gallup-Purdue Index

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Gallup-USA Funds Associates Degree Graduates Report

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Gallup-USA Funds Minority College Graduates Report

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Connect with us to learn more about these platforms and how these insights can advance Completion With a Purpose®, building a more purposeful path to and through postsecondary education to rewarding careers and fulfilling lives.

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