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An America where all people can realize their purpose and potential to achieve meaningful careers and fulfilling lives.

Strada Institute for the Future of Work (Strada Institute) is dedicated to advancing our understanding of the future of learning and work, so that we may begin to build the learning ecosystem of the future. The Strada Institute is a part of Strada Education NetworkSM, a national nonprofit dedicated to improving lives by catalyzing more direct and promising pathways between education and employment.

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our first report

The Permanent Detour: Underemployment’s Long-Term Effects on the Careers of College Grads

Key Finding:
Workers initially underemployed are 5x more likely to remain so after 5 years than those who were not underemployed in their first job.

The research that we create in house and commission externally will help our policymakers, institutions, entrepreneurs, employers and reformers invest in the infrastructure and systems that working learners will need as they face the future of the workforce. Through our research we will explore questions such as

  • What does social mobility mean in a "majority minority" nation?
  • What are the biggest barriers to innovation in college-to-career pathways?
  • How can peer-to-peer interactions create savvier consumers of higher ed?
  • How will machine learning influence the workplace of the future?
  • How might assessments better capture a learner’s skills, mindset and experiences?
  • What can we learn from nontraditional, employer-validated career pathways?


Unlocking the ‘Black Box’ of College Outcomes

Consumers today have access to thousands of reviews and copious amounts of data on just about every item they purchase (even the seemingly insignificant, like a $20 HDMI cable). But when it comes to making what, for most, will be one of the largest investments in their lifetime, prospective college students have precious little information that could guide their decision-making process.

Students Don’t Know What They’re Getting When They Pick a College — Data Can Fix That

When it comes to higher education, so much of what we buy is a black box. Most students don’t know how much they’ll pay prior to enrollment, let alone where their predecessors landed jobs after graduation. Were they able to pay off their debt? How meaningful did they find the work they were doing after they had graduated?

We Need to Design the Learning Ecosystem of the Future

“Any useful statement about the future should at first seem ridiculous.”
—Jim Dator, futurist at University of Hawaii-Manoa Here’s something ridiculous for you: Futurists and experts on aging and longevity are now suggesting that the first people to live to be 150 years old have already been born. That is a long time to live — and work. It’s almost…

Why a Robot-Filled Education Future May Not Be as Scary as You Think

The robots are coming, and some of them are charming. That was my reaction on a recent visit to Singularity University, when I met two robots named Pris and Pepper. Even though her “brain” was turned off when I met Pris, she was still able to sit on the floor, cock her head, blink, blink, and follow my words and my body with her head. At times, she would even blink …


Michelle Weise
Interview With Michelle Weise

What is the future of higher education and on-the-job training? What is in store for educational institutions and university degrees? Michelle Weise, Chief Innovation Officer at Strada Institute, talks about this and other issues.


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Michelle Weise
Chief Innovation Officer Strada Institute for the Future of Work

Michelle R. Weise is a higher education expert who specializes in disruptive innovation and the future of learning and work. As chief innovation officer and senior vice president, she leads Strada Education Network’s workforce strategies as well as its innovation and thought leadership priorities. Her research focuses on the future of the workforce and how to connect students more directly to meaningful employment pathways throughout their working lives.

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Beth Bean
Director Strada Institute for the Future of Work

Beth is committed to understanding and advancing the future of learning and work for all. She was formerly the chief strategy and research officer with the Colorado Department of Higher Education, where she focused on using longitudinal research to drive better policy decision-making. Beth believes that by researching and embracing the future world of work and adapting our learning ecosystem to match this evolution, we can be proactive rather than reactive.

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Andrew R. Hanson
Senior Research Fellow Strada Institute for the Future of Work

Andrew researches the challenges associated with the future of work and how our learning ecosystem must evolve to meet those challenges head on. Andrew was formerly a senior research analyst at the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce. Andrew believes that preparing for the future of work is the fundamental challenge of our generation as it will determine who and how many have access to an independent and prosperous life.

Advisory Committee

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Ryan Craig
Co-Founder & Managing Director, University Ventures Fund
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Carol D’Amico
Executive Vice President, Mission Advancement & Philanthropy, Strada Education Network
image description
Mary Gray
Senior Researcher, Microsoft Research New England, and Fellow, Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University
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Michael Horn
Chief Strategy Officer, Entangled Ventures
image description
Cheryl Oldham
Senior Vice President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation
image description
Deborah Quazzo
Co-Founder and Managing Director, Global Silicon Valley (GSV) Acceleration Fund
image description
Jeff Selingo
Special Advisor to the President and Professor of Practice, Arizona State University
image description
Peter Smith
Orkand Endowed Chair & Professor of Innovative Practices in Higher Education, University of Maryland University College
image description
Mimi Strouse
Trustee, Strada Education Network Board of Trustees
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Johnny Taylor Jr.
President and CEO, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Distinguished Fellows

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Anthony Carnevale
Director, Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce
image description
Joseph Fuller
Professor of Management Practice in General Management, Harvard Business School, and Co-Leader of the School’s Managing the Future of Work Initiative
image description
Earl Lewis
Founding Director, Center for Social Solutions, and Professor of History at the University of Michigan
image description
Joel Meyerson
Director, Forum for the Future of Higher Education


Is the U.S. Ready for Consumers to Rate the Value of Higher Education?

Tuesday, April 17, 10 - 11 a.m. Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, CA

Since June 2016, Strada Education Network and Gallup have interviewed more than 250,000 U.S. education consumers from all walks of life and educational pathways about their experiences, decisions and outcomes. This panel explores these consumer perspectives on the intersections between higher education, work and life.

Presenters: Bill Hansen, Brandon Busteed

Panelists: Governor Eric Holcomb, State of Indiana, Dave Clayton, Bridget Burns

Moderator: Carol D’Amico

Learn More

What About Us? The Future of Learning and Work for Adult Learners

Tuesday, April 17, 2 - 2:45 p.m. Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, CA

In this session, our panel of experts will discuss exponential changes in technology, the future of automation, and deep learning in order to illuminate how education and training infrastructure and systems will need to transform for working learners to seamlessly reskill and retool throughout their working lives.

Moderator: Michelle Weise

Panelists: Ryan Craig, Michael Horn, Jeff Selingo, Peter Smith

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Join Us for Cocktails & Conversation Celebrating the Strada Institute for the Future of Work!

Tuesday, April 17, 7 - 8:30 p.m. Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, CA

At Strada Education Network, we believe that the future of our nation’s economic prosperity and competitiveness depends on a citizenry that constantly retools itself for the future. The Strada Institute will be focused on catalyzing more direct and promising pathways between education and employment for all working learners. Please join us at the ASU+GSV Summit as we launch the Strada Institute for the Future of Work.


Help us rename “lifelong learning”

Tired of drinking the Kool-Aid just to move the needle to help think outside the box and create a paradigm shift to promote personalized adaptive lifelong learning? Wait, what?!

We need new and better ways of describing the present and future learning ecosystem. Share your clever ideas to rename “lifelong learning.” Think big or think small, but just think of a new name and send it to us for a chance to win!