Our nation’s future economic prosperity is dependent upon a rapidly evolving and responsive learning infrastructure that keeps pace with the changing world of work. Advancements in artificial intelligence have some experts suggesting that automation could jeopardize 47 percent of current jobs, while also bringing the promise of new careers. Many of today’s in-demand jobs didn’t exist 10 years ago. What’s more, these new positions require more and different skills. Continued technological innovation will require most Americans to skill up or retool to adapt.

Today, more than 90 million U.S. adults have no credential beyond a high school diploma. These people are at risk of being left behind, unless we embrace our social responsibility to advance our educational system and help them attain new knowledge and skills. The learning ecosystem of the future must seamlessly skill, reskill and upskill adults throughout their working lives. We need flexible, direct, cost-effective learning pathways that keep up with the emergent demands of the workforce.

Strada Institute for the Future of Work (Strada Institute) is dedicated to advancing our understanding of the future of learning and work, so that we may begin to build the learning ecosystem of the future. The Strada Institute is a part of Strada Education Network®, a national nonprofit dedicated to improving lives by catalyzing more direct and promising pathways between education and employment.

We represent a new kind of research and development lab that, coupled with a $1.5 million innovation fund, will identify promising solutions for working adults and inform Strada’s mission impact investments aimed at transforming educational pathways for working learners. Our research will be the first step of moving from theory to practice, as we are uniquely positioned to leverage insights and learnings gained across Strada Education Network to help policymakers, institutions, entrepreneurs, employers and reformers invest in the infrastructure and systems necessary to prepare our society for the future.