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Strada Impact


Through Strada Impact, we work to catalyze and scale the changes needed for the education-employment system to better meet learners’ needs.

Our strategic integration of research, philanthropy, thought leadership, and policy is designed to drive solutions and systems change so that more individuals can successfully access and complete postsecondary education and training to improve their careers and lives.


We develop actionable insights into education and work to help the education-employment system improve learner outcomes.

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Strategic Philanthropy

We partner with collaborative organizations to support learners and workers — and apply our learnings to future research and investments.

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Thought Leadership & Advocacy

We share practical insights and successful interventions through reports, podcasts, and convenings.

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Strada research gives a voice to learners by examining their perspectives on the quality, relevance, and impact of their education, identifying the barriers that prevent aspiring learners from pursuing education, and the changes that can make it accessible and meaningful to more learners.


Strategic Philanthropy

Our philanthropy supports collaborative and innovative solutions that advance completion with a purpose and allows Strada to gain insights and data to inform future research, grant and investment decisions.


Thought Leadership & Advocacy

We work to be a source of ideas and practical insights from our research, experience, and partnerships to mobilize action and create better connections between postsecondary education and the workforce.


Strada Impact Leadership

Ruth V. Watkins, Ph.D.

Strada Impact President

“Postsecondary education has the power to transform lives, but individuals are not sharing in that success equally. We have an opportunity, through research and thought leadership that informs policy, institutional and system change, to ensure education’s promise can be realized by more people across our country, from varying backgrounds and occupations, so they can feel empowered to improve their lives.”


Dave Clayton, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, Consumer Insights

Amy Dunham

Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Daryl A. Graham

Senior Vice President, Philanthropy

Courtney H. McBeth, Ed.D.

Senior Vice President, Strada Impact Operations

Janet Salm

Managing Director of Research, Strada Institute

Anna Gatlin Schilling

Vice President, State Engagement

Ben Wildavsky

Senior Vice President, National Engagement