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Mission-aligned Affiliates

Strada Education Network’s mission-aligned affiliate organizations help prospective, current, and former students connect education and work. Engaging with postsecondary institutions, employers, and workforce/economic development offices, we support learners and workers throughout their careers.

Strada’s affiliate organizations demonstrate a deep commitment to Strada’s mission of strengthening the pathways between education and the workforce. Our affiliates offer solutions to support students and the institutions that serve them, and to help employers with talent needs now and in the future.

Working across our growing network, we aspire to amplify our influence through each affiliate as they support students, institutional partners and employers. Each year, we reach millions of students and their families and serve thousands of institutions of higher education, helping students to pursue a purpose-driven education and supporting their success in school and in their careers. Our collaborative approach with employers and workforce and economic development offices provides student talent now and helps build a talent pipeline for the future.

Strada’s unique structure, including our nonprofit status, ensures that we can focus on learners and their success while supporting employers’ needs and investing in innovative solutions to strengthen education-employment pathways for the future.

Our Affiliates


A champion for adult learners, the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning creates education-to-career pathways that are recognizable and relevant to employers. We inform, support, and connect educators, employers, and policymakers so they can help working adults learn new skills throughout their careers.

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College Confidential

As the world’s largest college forum, College Confidential helps students find their best-fit educational path by exploring colleges and careers, learning from the experts about the admissions process, and accessing candid advice from their peers.

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The College Fair

The College Fair enhances the college search experience for students and institutions by meeting students where they are—on their mobile devices.

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Education at Work

Education at Work is a non-profit organization with a mission to help college students minimize student loan debt while developing career-ready professional skills and connections to post-graduation employers.

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As a labor market analytics company, Emsi uses data from a large number of sources to connect people, education, and work.

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InsideTrack is dedicated to partnering with colleges and universities to combine student coaching, staff training, technology and data analytics to improve enrollment, persistence and career readiness of students.

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Roadtrip Nation

As a non-profit organization, Roadtrip Nation shares stories that humanize the career exploration experience and empower individuals to connect their interests to fulfilling careers. We’re one part media production, one part career education platform, and 100 percent mission-driven.

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