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The DXtera Institute is a non-profit, collaborative, member-based consortium dedicated to transforming student and institutional outcomes in higher education. Transformative technology and forward-thinking membership benefits allow higher education professionals to drive more efficient access to information.


DXtera makes it possible for data and digital information to be shared — in real time — empowering leaders, faculty, staff, and students to make well-informed choices. The result: student engagement, retention and success.

DXtera’s integration framework and collaborative knowledge-sharing consortium provide greater ability to access and analyze data, more control over digital information, increased decision-making confidence, and greater ability to provide resources to students and improve retention and graduation rates.

Our data integration solutions are efficient, transparent, and sustainable. Backed by our comprehensive library of connectors, data warehouse, and Operational Data Store, DXtera’s unique approach to data integration is a must-have for forward-thinking institutions.

Latest Research and Insights

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