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Innovator Spotlight: Techtonic

In our report, On-ramps to Good Jobs: Fueling Innovation for the Learning Ecosystem of the Future we examine the ways the current education and workforce training ecosystem is falling further …


Stay Home

Why understanding local labor markets will be critical to our economic recovery.

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Developing the human side of skills

GLEAC collaborates with schools, businesses, and governments to identify areas of growth for users tied to specific job roles or industries. It then helps measure and report with ongoing feedback on learner outcomes and overarching organizational impact over time.


Does your resume leave out your most hirable traits?

Soft skills are at a premium in today’s job market. In a 2013 survey, nearly 44 percent of senior executives reported that candidates’ lack of soft skills, such as communication and critical thinking, made it difficult to fill jobs. But many workers are already developing these skills every day. Here are some ways to call attention to those skills.

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