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Episode 4: Scott Pulsipher

Western Governors University began as a bold experiment to create a completely online university—a place where learning is self-paced and the institution’s value is measured not by the profiles of …


Stay Home

Why understanding local labor markets will be critical to our economic recovery.

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Braven Doubles Down to Help Students, Alums Build Social Capital Despite Pandemic

Aimée Eubanks Davis, founder and CEO of Braven—a Strada grantee that helps low-income students develop the skills and the relationships they need to get a good first job out of college—says low-income, first-generation, and minority students who often are underrepresented on campus and under-employed in their first jobs, also are bearing the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic as their studies and lives are disrupted.

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Episode 3: Aimée Eubanks Davis

Long before COVID-19, America’s most vulnerable students were struggling to access not only education and skills training, but the social connections that open doors to great careers. Aimée Eubanks Davis, …


5 Ways Higher Education Can Better Serve Latino Students

While recent data from Strada Education Network’s Public Viewpoint: COVID-19 Work and Education Survey shows Latinos are more likely than white, black, or Asian Americans to have lost income or working hours due to the pandemic, they also are more open to embracing education as a potential solution. That data point is no surprise to Deborah Santiago, co-founder and CEO of Excelencia in Education, a Strada grantee.

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Episode 2: Meghan Hughes

Rhode Island has improved the lives and livelihoods of its residents by combining classroom education with hands-on, work-based learning. But what happens when businesses are shuttered and students must learn …