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Public Viewpoint:

COVID-19 Work and Education Survey

Updated May 20, 2020

After weeks of impact to Americans’ emotional and economic well-being because of COVID-19, many are beginning to consider what will come next in their lives. For millions of them, those plans include decisions about education and training. But what is happening to their current education and future plans? Where and when do they expect to enroll? What kind of programs do they want? And where are they turning for advice on their choices?

Responses from more than 8,000 adults now are included in this survey*, updated weekly and designed to track the impact of the pandemic on American lives, work, and education. Its intent is to provide insights to the education and training providers, policymakers, employers, and individual Americans who are navigating the crisis.

Public Viewpoint is led by Strada Consumer Insights. Learn more about our research and the value of the education consumer perspective here.

Weekly Dashboard

This interactive dashboard explores the experiences and perspectives of a nationally representative sample of American adults as they navigate the COVID-19 crisis and its impacts on work and education. Click the statement and variable categories below to discover more about the effects of this crisis on everyday Americans.

Week 8, Released May 20: Education disruption, enrollment, and advice

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Who has canceled or changed their education plans?

Among adults who are not currently enrolled, those with postsecondary degrees or credentials report they are more likely to enroll in all types of education within the next six months than those without.


Who is the most likely to enroll in courses or training?

Among those not currently enrolled, Americans ages 25 to 44 are just as likely to start a new program (35%) in the next six months as those ages 18 to 24 (32%).


Who do Americans turn to for advice on education?

Families are ranked as the most valuable source of advice about education or training for those considering enrolling.

Further Resources

Charting the new path forward takes all of us, and Strada will continue to update our COVID-19 Resource Center with immediate needs, actionable data, future strategies, and virtual events to help stakeholders stay informed and communities connected. 

In addition, we’re tracking surveys and findings from many of the partners and organizations assessing how COVID-19 is impacting Americans’ attitudes and experiences related to education and work:

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* Survey completed weekly by Heart+Mind Strategies on behalf of the Center for Consumer Insights.

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