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Much of the hard work to improve education and economic mobility takes place within states. Strada Education Network engages with numerous partners to improve opportunities for all, with special attention to serving economically disadvantaged young people and mid-career adults seeking to improve their skills.

Back to School?

What Adults Without Degrees Say About Pursuing Additional Education and Training

 “If they are going to meet people where they are, education solutions must embrace employers and work-centered pathways.” Policymakers, employers and higher education leaders all champion the power of education …

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On-ramps to Good Jobs

Fueling Innovation for the Learning Ecosystem of the Future

By shining a spotlight on what works, as well as identifying barriers to growth, we hope to spark a dialogue—particularly within the social impact investing space—about how to scale more …

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Who’s Ready to Upskill?

State-by-State Demand for Education After High School

A perceived need for additional education is significant overall but varies by state and region. Some states will need to make a greater effort to help individuals see additional education …

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On Second Thought

US Adults Reflect on Their Education Decisions

This report provides initial insights and sets a foundation for additional research about how postsecondary leaders, policymakers, educators and employers can help students most effectively and efficiently achieve their economic …

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Pursuing Equity & Opportunity Nationwide Thought Leaders

William D. Hansen

President and Chief Executive Officer

Strada Education Network

Carol D’Amico, Ed.D.

Executive Vice President, Learning & Policy

Strada Education Network

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Daryl A. Graham

Senior Vice President, Philanthropy

Strada Education Network

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Pat Roe

Vice President, Philanthropy

Strada Education Network

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Pete Wheelan



Executive Chairman

Roadtrip Nation

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