“The challenges we face as a nation are too important and too complex to narrow our approach. Maximizing our collective expertise and resources is critical. The future of America’s students, working adults, our economic competitiveness, and our democracy depends on it.”

— William D. Hansen, President and CEO

At Strada Education Network, we believe in bridging the disconnects between education and employment, leveraging a networked approach that combines research, philanthropy, mission-aligned investments and direct services to drive transformation and social impact.

This is why, after operating as a federal student loan guarantor (USA Funds) since 1960, we transformed ourselves into a national social impact enterprise.

The Pathways to Impact report details our transition from 2014 through 2017 and tells the story of the pathways we explored and navigated to become Strada Education Network.

It is an account of what we learned along the way. And, most importantly, it is a tribute to the many partners who joined us on this journey and have helped to inform our strategy and priorities.

End of Report Excerpt