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Adult learners have distinct needs, from upskilling to meet changing workforce demands to accessing education that can be balanced with work and family responsibilities. Strada Education Network supports adult learners and workers through research, grants, and the work of our affiliates like CAEL -- the Council on Adult and Experiential Learning.

Adult Learners

Making progress in our lives as adults is challenging as we juggle multiple family and work responsibilities.

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On-ramps to Good Jobs

Fueling Innovation for the Learning Ecosystem of the Future

By shining a spotlight on what works, as well as identifying barriers to growth, we hope to spark a dialogue—particularly within the social impact investing space—about how to scale more …

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Building a Community Learning System

Strada partners at the Community Education Coalition in Southeast Indiana are engaging with educators, employers, policymakers and community organizations to improve postsecondary education and build a talent pool that will …


Back to School?

The number of job openings in the United States now surpasses the number of people available and qualified to fill them. Through the Strada-Gallup Education Consumer Survey, we talk to Americans about their desire for more education and skills training and explore what motivates them to return to school.


Some College and No Degree

How individuals who attend and don’t graduate feel about education

More than 31 million students over the last 20 years have enrolled in college but left without receiving a degree or certificate.  Many states have made a priority of drawing …

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Serving the Adult Learner Thought Leaders

Carol D’Amico, Ed.D.

Executive Vice President, Learning & Policy

Strada Education Network

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Ben Wildavsky

Senior Vice President, National Engagement

Strada Education Network

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Becky Klein-Collins

Associate Vice President, Research and Policy Development

Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL)

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