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Strada Education Value Survey

Since 2016, Strada has been surveying Americans about their experiences with education and work to learn more about what makes for a valuable education. In 2019, in response to a call from university leaders to learn more about the experiences of their alumni, we developed a survey to measure alumni’s perspectives on the impact their education has had on their careers and lives. More than 30 schools participated in the initial survey in the spring of 2020. For 2021, we are offering space for 40 additional colleges and universities to participate without cost. Read below to learn more about the survey, explore the findings from 2020, and apply to participate in the 2021 administration. 

About the Survey  |  Explore 2020 Findings  |  Apply to Participate

College and university leaders know that the value their institution provides is not fully captured by college rankings or income metrics. With this in mind, Strada Education Network is partnering with colleges and universities to better understand the full value of the education they provide by listening to those with a special perspective: the alumni of these programs.

To date, we’ve partnered with more than 30 institutions, and we want to hear from your alumni too. Learn more about this project below and find out how to join this work and increase the positive impact you have on your students, their careers, and their lives.

Strada Education Value Survey Topics

Participating Institutions Receive

Explore 2020 Findings

Use the dashboard below to explore results from the group of 31 institutions participating in the pilot year of the survey. The net benefit score is the percent of alumni who gave a positive response to the question minus the percent of alumni who gave a negative response to the question. These scores are then averaged to create a net benefit for five key outcome areas: Value, Life Impact, Career Success, Skill Development, and Affinity. The specific questions that make up each area can be seen in the bulleted list below each group. Results can be broken out by race, gender, year of graduation, and type of institution.

Apply to Participate

For more information on how to apply, please email You can also download our one-pager about the opportunity. 

For more information on our other research, visit our reports page or see our Public Viewpoint page for the latest survey results about how COVID-19 is affecting Americans’ views on education and work.