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Latest News

Education Nonprofit Launches Seed Fund in Workforce Development for Adult Learners

Strada Education Network invests $1.5 million to support mission-aligned ventures and entrepreneurs working at the intersection of education and employment for working learners.

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Education Nonprofit Launches New Research Institute to Help Adult Learners Harness Power of Education Throughout Their Working Lives

Strada Institute for the Future of Work's research, coupled with a $1.5 million innovation fund, will identify promising solutions for working adults and inform Strada’s mission impact investments aimed at transforming educational pathways for working learners.

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New Study Examines How Relevance of Postsecondary Coursework Affects Consumer Perceptions of Quality and Value in Higher Education

Latest Strada-Gallup consumer data reveals the more relevant people find their college courses to be in their work and daily lives, the greater their belief that they received a high-quality education and that it was worth the cost.



Strada Education Network is a growing family of organizations working to improve student success and strengthen education to employment pathways.


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