Strada Invests $8M in Education-to-Employment

In our mission to improve the pathway between education and employment, Strada Education Network is dedicated to leveraging the most up-to-date research to inform our philanthropic decisions, based on what’s working, what deserves a chance to prove itself, and what has the greatest potential to scale and make real progress.

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About Strada Philanthropy

Since 2014, Strada Education Network® has advanced its mission of Completion With a Purpose® through more than $100 million in strategic philanthropy and partnerships, yielding innovative approaches to enhance student success and strengthen education to employment pathways.

The learnings from our early investments have informed our current strategy to invest in:

  • Improving Education & Career Planning to help students make informed choices about educational paths that lead to meaningful careers
  • Bolstering Student Success & Support systems to provide students the mentoring and resources they need to succeed in school and life
  • Supporting Career & Workforce Transitions by strengthening educator-employer connections, so students graduate with the knowledge, skills and experience needed to succeed in the workplace, and adult learners continue to develop and maintain the skills they need throughout their careers

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