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Since 2014, Strada Education Network® has advanced its mission of Completion With a Purpose® through more than $100 million in strategic philanthropy and partnerships, yielding innovative approaches to enhance student success and strengthen education to employment pathways.

Previously, we focused our investments in four areas: increasing college value, streamlining key education transitions, facilitating institutional innovation, and building new frameworks for data-driven decision-making. The learnings from these investments have informed our latest theories of change, which focus on the key phases of the student lifecycle:

  • Improving Education & Career Planning by providing tools and guidance to students so they can choose the best education path that leads to a meaningful career
  • Bolstering Student Success & Support systems to provide students the resources they need to succeed in the classroom despite obstacles to learning
  • Supporting Career & Workforce Transitions by strengthening institution-employer connections, so students graduate with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the workplace. And for adult learners to develop and maintain the skills they need throughout their career

We seek to advance our efforts through partnerships with postsecondary institutions, employers, policymakers, nonprofit organizations, and other collaborative funders. Together, we can create innovative solutions to improve career advising, to link education to work, and to help learners access the education they need to gain or advance in a rewarding career. Specifically, we look for opportunities to affect change at larger scales through efforts that:

  • Rethink and create new models of career advising
  • Pilot or scale innovative approaches to blend work and learning experiences
  • Support learners as they transition to and through careers and workforce

Through our philanthropic work, we will see outcomes improve by:

  • Improved consumer insights with postsecondary decisions that are aligned to potential careers
  • Improved access, persistence and completion rates among all students regardless of their age, race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status or previous education background
  • Successful student preparation for and transitions into careers

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