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Prepare your business and employees for the future.

Improve engagement, persistence, and completion of upskilling programs.

Recent events have only accelerated the need for employers to reevaluate talent strategies, redefine existing job functions, inventory critical skill requirements and identify the skill gaps. 

Employers need actionable information to educate and train workers for the future.  And, employees need the right opportunities to facilitate their development and guidance to get on the path to success.

Delivered as a standalone or an integrated component of an existing talent development program, Acergo provides employees with the ability to map their existing skills to careers of interest, identify the skills gaps in the way of achieving their career goals, and connects them to your internal training or skills-based learning providers with personalized recommendations. Employees are provided personalized guidance via an AI chatbot and can receive motivational content to improve engagement, persistence, and outcomes of talent development programs.

Employers can gain insights to optimize talent mobility strategies and prepare their workforce for the future while increasing retention and improving the perception of their organization as an employer.

Acergo, which is built on a robust platform that already supports over 1.2 million learners at large employers and institutions of higher education, can be deployed via a web or mobile application to engage large, diverse frontline workforces.

Proven Technology & Personalized Guidance


Drive awareness, engagement, adoption, and completion  through segmented and targeted multi-channel communications, reminders and notifications.


Self-reflection, surveys, quizzes, and discovery tools help employees uncover their interests, current skills, and skills they need for the future.


Employees can find careers pathways that align with their interests and view localized career data to understand projected job trends and the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed.


Career to program matching helps employees discover best-fit traditional and micro-credential education programs that support their career goals.


Attitudes and beliefs can derail an employee’s upskilling journey. Employees can set goals and engage with relevant, motivational content to develop overcome limiting mindsets.


Our exclusive chabot, KAI, is available for 24/7 coaching, encouraging and motivating employees along their upskilling journey.


Employees get personalized career and educational support from professional coaches through the employee’s preferred channel of communication: email, voice, in-app, or text.



Through analytics and reporting, gain visibility and insights on employee career goals, skills-gaps, and educational interests, along with comparative labor market data.

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