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Lessons Earned Podcast

Season 2: Episode 5

Paul Freedman

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After edtech firm Guild acquired his startup incubator Entangled, Paul Freedman and Guild CEO Rachel Carlson set out to help workers use employer benefits to upskill and, with luck, shield themselves from the next recession. Neither could have predicted the economic downturn would come amidst a global pandemic that has robbed tens of millions of Americans of their jobs in a few short months. We talk to Freedman about the role technology can play in helping those workers get the education and training they need to recover.

About Paul Freedman

Paul Freedman is president of the Learning Marketplace at Guild Education. He was the CEO and co-founder of Entangled Group and a Principal Consultant at Entangled Solutions. A longtime advocate for the transformative power of a college education, he has founded, managed, and invested in a number of successful education ventures. Prior to Entangled Group, Paul was the founder and CEO of Altius Education, an innovator in higher education focused on creating effective, personalized pathways to postsecondary degrees.

Earlier, while still finishing college at The University of Chicago, Paul created Academic Engine, a college recruitment technology company he later sold to Hobsons Inc., where he served for five years prior to founding Altius.

More about Paul’s work:

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