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Purposeful Progress

Strada’s mission is to improve lives by forging clearer and more purposeful pathways between education and employment. While many Americans benefit from college degrees and advanced training every year, there …

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Bridge Builders

DOWNLOAD THE REPORT Executive Summary The 2020 global pandemic, accompanying economic distress, and growing concern about racial inequity have generated unprecedented demand for improved coordination between education and work in …

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Some College and No Degree

More than 31 million students over the last 20 years have enrolled in college but left without receiving a degree or certificate.  Many states have made a priority of drawing …

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The New Learning Ecosystem

For all people to thrive in the work of the future, they will need communities and stakeholders to mobilize differently and work together to design a new learning ecosystem, centered …

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Veterans Without Degrees

These findings provide new awareness of how veterans view and capitalize on their nontraditional qualifications in the labor market. It highlights the tremendous potential for policymakers, veterans’ organizations, educational institutions, …

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Back to School?

 “If they are going to meet people where they are, education solutions must embrace employers and work-centered pathways.” Policymakers, employers and higher education leaders all champion the power of education …

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From College to Life

Relevance scores have an impact beyond purely educational outcomes–they are related to an individual’s overall sense of well being. Among those who are ‘thriving,’ there is an 18-percentage point difference …

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