For all people to thrive in the work of the future, they will need communities and stakeholders to mobilize differently and work together to design a new learning ecosystem, centered on the needs and experiences of working learners. A new learning ecosystem must pull together all five of these core principles to ensure that working learners’ time and resources are spent making measurable progress toward their next career goal. 

With no end in sight for the rapid changes in work ahead, we cannot continue to innovate in silos or piece together fragmented resources or unscalable solutions that address only one aspect of the ecosystem. 

A new learning ecosystem will also require a more robust data infrastructure to strengthen connections between learners, employers, learning providers, funders, and policymakers in any given community. An improved and more integrated data infrastructure will not only create a shared language, but it will also empower groups to move toward a common vision and integrate resources, solutions, and services to make each step along the working learner’s journey a seamless experience. 

No matter how an individual moves through an ecosystem, the goal is the same—to help working learners discover a stronger sense of purpose and personal thriving through better or more meaningful work.

At Strada, we’re just getting started. Join us.

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