Education Consumer Pulse

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Listening to the voice of education consumers and shaping the future of postsecondary education.

Nearly every other major industry has embraced and benefitted from the transformative information that comes from consumer insights. It’s time to look at a new data source for the innovation needed to transform postsecondary education and make it work for the student.

That’s why Strada Education Network has partnered with Gallup Inc. to establish the Education Consumer Pulse (ECP) – a groundbreaking research platform that is set to become the most extensive database of education consumer insights to date.

Through 350 interviews daily, a representative sample of U.S. adults aged 18 to 65 share their thoughts on their educational path and what shaped it. This three-year project will gather more than 360,000 individual interviews and looks at student satisfaction and the nuances behind their educational choices.

The ECP will provide education stakeholders a better understanding of the vastly different educational paths that education consumers take.

How does this benefit education stakeholders?

  • Postsecondary institutions and providers: Hearing directly from consumers helps create a postsecondary experience that benefits both the student and the provider.
  • Employers: Consumer insights can strengthen leadership’s understanding of employee’s education experiences and drive the way the way organizations communicate their needs for upskilling.
  • Policymakers and leaders: Listening to consumers can better inform policy decisions that drive improved ROI for students as well as greater completion rates for local postsecondary education institutions and providers.
  • Consumers: Understanding the experiences of others on similar paths is critical to determining what education or training is needed to achieve a rewarding career and fulfilling life.

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